Destinacija: Belgrade, Serbia
Cena: 10€

Did you ever wonder what the future will bring you?

Well, maybe you will find your answer in Belgrade in our Magical shop…

Here, you can find out what tomorrow brings from the coffee beans, you can get tarot reading interpretation of ancient runes.

The mysterious patterns that are created at the bottom of the cup of coffee have given inspiration to the “visionary” people to read out the fate of those who have drunk coffee from these patterns and signs.

Watching the cup and prophesying fate originates from ancient China. The Chinese, however, looked at the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup.

But the most popular drink in Serbia is very strong traditional coffee, so our people developed the reading from the coffee.

No, there is no mystery or clairvoyance, but it is exclusively about the skill of “reading” and “deciphering” of the signs that are created on the sludge at the bottom of the cup. At first glance, when we look at the dried sludge at the bottom of the cup, we see nothing but a faceless dark mass.
But if we see this mass a little better, we will see in it various patterns, figures and signs that resemble us a little like human and animal forms, letters or some objects: There is a solution to the secrets!

Some signs or figures in the cup for one represent a dog, for another donkey, for a third goat, and the fourth has seen pig!
And they are all right, because we can give each obscure sign an interpretation of what is happening to us.

If you want to experience a different insight into your future just give us a call and make reservation for the mystical reading from a delicious cup of steaming black coffee and a FREE GIFT after reading.

Note: this tour is purely entertaining!