Destinacija: Belgrade, Serbia
Cena: 33€

If you are a fan of action and police movies, you will probably going to like this!

You can try yourself in target shooting with real guns and ammunition in our indoor shooting range, which is made according to all laws and safety regulations.

Our certified instructors will show you how to use guns properly and how to score best results in target shooting.

In this package you will get:

  • basic training from certified instructor
  • use of special headphones
  • use of 3 different guns and ammo:
    6 x .22 caliber – for warming up and learning how to be one with the gun (same as our sport shooter Jasna Šekarić did many years ago at this very shooting range. She has won a total of five Olympic medals: one gold, three silvers and one bronze and three World Championship gold medals)
    6 x .357 magnum revolver if you want to feel good, bad and ugly or to be like Dirty Harry
    6 x 9mm Glock pistol – most popular and most accurate police pistol in the world
  • souvenir – your target

Different kinds of guns are available at request!

So, if you want to have some fun and experience something totally different just give us a call and make reservation for this tour!!!